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Life is strange... I was never a fashionista. I wore orange Keds and baggy pants in college. I never read Vogue, or wore lipstick. I was the cute geek studying chemistry and physics.

Skip forward and I somehow ended up as the Trim Buyer for the private label division of a Fortune 500 department store. I attended fashion trend forecasts in NY. I traveled to Europe to bring back the latest trim and button styles. I flew to Asia to create custom made trims for our in-house designers. I dealt with crazy fashion types. I became an "expert". I also worked a 60 hour week. Who'd a thunk it all those years ago..... And I wore the uniform almost every day: Black! Black! and Beige (in the summer only).

However, along the way, rubbing up against all those creative types unleashed the artist in me. I began painting, moved on to fiber arts and then discovered polymer clay. I became fascinated by the endless possibilities of this material. My training in fashion, color and pattern really fits polymer clay to a tee. And now it has become my passion and my livelihood.

At first, I started selling my work at art fairs and in small boutique stores. This experience helped me learn and perfect my craft . Snazzy Beads came out of a desire to reach a wider audience and pay the mortgage! My husband and I took the leap and formed Snazzy Beads.

Now that we have help producing our hand-made products, I focus on creating great designs. I develop each theme personally, from researching my colors to inventing patterns for the beads to designing the jewelry styles. My husband uses his considerable business experience to take charge of handling our sales, marketing and finances. Many of you will meet Artie, in charge of our booth at national trade and gift shows or on the road when he visits our store accounts…. So we’ve become a classic family business – working hard and doing what we love.

And as successful as Snazzy is becoming, I still get in some studio time to create my one of a kind pieces.

So thank you for visiting and shopping on our website, supporting the stores that carry our jewelry and helping us provide jobs in our local community.

Anja and Artie Shaw
Old Chatham, New York

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