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All About Snazzy
January 17, 2012

Keeping Up…….

We made the big time!

Here' our Snazzy Beads featured in the upper left hand corner of the cover

I don’t know how these bloggers find the time to keep their entries current. Maybe they are part of a secret vampire society that never sleeps……

January is “Show Season” and you can see from our schedule at the right that we’re all over the country for the first 6 weeks of the year. Our Snazzy Beads were featured on the cover of the Philadelphia Gift Show Preview Guide and that was really exciting for us. It created a lot of interest and we met tons of new people at our booth. Everyone loved our colors and new items and our sales were brisk. Our sales reps, Don-Mar, did a great job and Artie and I were impressed with their professionalism. We hear from other newbies and not-so-newbies that finding a great sales rep organization is one of the toughest business challenges for a manufacturer. Well, I think we’re off to a good start with Don, Sal and the group…….. now we have to ship all those orders!

This week we’re just about finishing up at the Atlanta Gift Mart – it ends Wednesday. From there it’s a few days to unpack, do laundry and re-pack and head out to Chicago.

Will report back  when I catch my breath.

All About Snazzy
December 06, 2011

Clay Carnival Las Vegas 2011

Bettina Welker and mica shift

Working on the afternoon project

Danni teaching an incredible technique

Our Australian students

Tools of the trade

Donna Kato demonstrates cutting techniques

Before Snazzy Beads was born, my main focus as a polymer clay artist was exhibiting at art shows and craft fairs and selling to small boutique stores and galleries. Though building Snazzy into a national brand has become job #1, I still feel I am a clayer at heart.

I just returned from a 4 day workshop in Las Vegas where some of the finest instructors from the US and Europe were there to teach. They shared their tips and techniques with 40 lucky participants. Below you can see a few pix of us in the workshops.

It was great to take a break from work and recharge those creative batteries. Instruction was intense and started each morning at 8:30 and ended at 6pm. Even the lunch break was often used to finish the morning project. Many of the attendees were pooped at the end of the day and were happy to enjoy dinner and call it a day. Not being among that group, I would clean up my work area and dash down to the casino. I’m a bit of a video poker junkie!

I managed to crawl back to my room by 2 or 3am each evening and was back in the classroom each morning again by 8am. It was a bizarre, Fellini-esque 4 days. Upstairs in the casino meeting rooms people were seriously engaged in learning their craft. Often the rooms were so quiet and you could feel the concentration of the artists. But then you would go down one flight and there was a buzz raging on the casino floor that only Las Vegas could produce.  Happily, I took full advantage of both and had a blast!

All About Snazzy
November 25, 2011

Santa’s Christmas List

Frosty is ready for the Holidays.......

Hope you all had a happy and tasty Thanksgiving. Things are in full swing here at Snazzy for the Holiday Season. So many gifts to buy, so little time. How can you remember everyone?

As a public service, we are providing a Santa’s check list to help make sure no one is forgotten this Christmas. (did we mention Snazzy Beads make great gifts?)

Christmas – Channukah – Kwanza –  December Birthday (Boy, they got robbed)  Check List:

* Your  Mom – #1 on every list. Period.

* Your Grandma – The woman who lives to spoil you.

* Your Daughter – She has your good looks, great taste and intelligence.

* Your Granddaughter – The light of your heart.

* Your Best Friend – Coz’ she’s the best!

* Your Hair Stylist – Only she knows how grey you really are.

* Your Crazy Aunt – Your favorite nut on the family tree.

* Your Neices and Goddaughters –  Lovely young ladies you’re watching grow up.

* Your 2nd Cousin on your father’s side, once removed – OK, maybe you can cross this one out.

* Your Office Grab Bag – A clear example of  why it is better to give than receive.

* Your Cat Sitter – Who loves your Fluffy as much as her own 19 kitties.

* Your Dog Walker – To the troops that scoop the poop.

*Your Manicurist – Hold the 3-D nail art, please.

* Your Teacher – Turn that B into a B+.

* Your Assistant – She’s got your back whenever there’s a deadline.

* Your Boss – You would like a promotion, wouldn’t you?

* Your Babysitter – Enables you leave the asylum once in a while.

* Your Bingo Buddy – She holds your favorite seat for you.

* Your Child’s Teacher – Helping your little Genius reach their full potential.

* The School Bus Driver – Who’s always on time, except when it’s raining.

* Your Weekly Cleaning Lady – The Dust Bunny Slayer likes nice things, too.

* Your Letter Carrier – Why not deliver something to her for a change.

* Your Homecare Aide – She makes your day a little more comfortable.

* Your Church Group – For the heavenly ladies who lift your spirits.

* “The Girls” – Who know all your secrets and keep them that way.

* Your Barista – The morning java goddess who helps jump start your day

* Your Red Hat Society Chapter – You luv partying down with your pals in purple

* Your Worse Enemy – It is Christmas, afterall.

Happy Shopping!!!!

All About Snazzy
November 19, 2011

Post #1 – The Beginning

So, here it goes, my first blog entry. I thought it might be fun to share how a polymer clay artist with a small business tries to hit the big time. From design inspriation, to selling wars, to silly stories – I hope to figure out what people want to hear about as we roll along. For now, think of yourself as hitchhikers on someone else’s twisted journey.

I’ve read that for the first 6 months of a blog you are writing to an “empty room”. Well, for the one soul out there who has found this blog “Hi there!, and glad to meet you “.  For the rest of cyberspace, I’ll see y’all soon…….